Monday, November 15, 2010



Wires crisscross

Carrying cars full

Of tourists who

Can look but

Cannot touch

Where Adam stood

And Eve wandered,

Where Abel farmed

And Cain plotted,

Where they hid together

In shame.

Where is Barnum now?

He could never imagine

Turning paradise into

A theme park,

A show,

A day’s entertainment.

The animals remain,

Hiding from strange eyes.

(Do they know they

Are safe from exploitation?)

All day, the tourists parade

Overhead in open cars

Until the sun

Turns the sky

Into a rainbow tipped

On its side,

And the dreamers

Must leave.

Angels, dressed

As bouncers,

Firmly escort out

Any stragglers

Clear of the space

From which all

Have been



A celestial day

Has ended, and all

Must return to lives

From whence they came.

All visitors must

Now leave

The garden

Where omniscience,

Omnipresence and

Omnipotence resided

Once upon

A time.

Copyright (c) 2010 by the author