Monday, July 18, 2016


In January I adopted a cat from Fort Collins Cat Rescue
Previously I had had a cat: Princess, a beautiful calico I had adopted from a friend. When Princess came to me, she waseight years old. She lived to be 13. I lost her to leukemia in 2010. Since then I had been caring for my sister's cat until I relocated from California to Colorado.
For a year and a  half I had thought about getting a new cat, but in January I took the plunge.
Fort Collins Cat Rescue said they had one calico, but she (Margot) was at a different location.
With the help of a friend, I went to the new location and met Margot, a two-year-old calico who had been found on the streets of Loveland. 
Margot is a loving feline. Over the last seven months I've found that she loves just about anyone she comes across. 
After a couple months, and a few escapes on her part, I relented and let Margot go outside at will. She always returned for food and water, so I didn't worry about her.
Then, about May, she didn't come home. She seemed to prefer being outside. I discovered that she wandered through my apartment complex. 
She sunned herself on different walkways. She napped on different stairways or door matts. But she didn't return home except for brief periods.
Yesterday I went to a common area near the mailboxes. I started talking to a couple neighbors: they both knew Margot, but had thought she was a stray. Margot appeared, and let all of us pet her, rub her tummy.
That was about 5:00 P.M.
About 7:30 I got a call from the CSU Vet School. Someone had found Margot and brought her to their Urgent Care. (I hadn't known she'd been chipped before I adopted her.)
I had to make a couple calls before I found a neighbor willing to take me to the vet school to get her.
I was told by the vet school staff that it is illegal for cats to be outdoors. 
As I write, Margot is curled up on my futon. She slept with me today, purring all night.

Now, what do I do about her desire to be outside? It's bound to continue, at least until the first snowfall.

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